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Bright Solusindo is a National Limited Liability Company engaged in Multimedia-based Telecommunication Services and the Development of Telecommunication Infrastructure networks in Indonesia.

In providing services and running its business, Bright Solusindo cooperates with Telecommunication Operators who already have an infrastructure system and the application of proven technology to provide the best service to End Users.

Bright Solusindo was established since November 2003, and in present, has experienced several changes both in the management of the company and ownership shares. These changes occurred in line with the rapid technological changes that require the participation and commitment of the management, which has one goal: that the company can move forward and develop.

Since February 2010, Bright Solusindo has formally developed partnerships with several Telecommunication Operators and Multimedia Service Providers in some developed countries as well as in Indonesia. Where applicable, Bright Solusindo applies Triple Play Multimedia Technology (Internet Connection, Pay TV and Telephony) to all High Rise Building locations acquired and managed by the company, as well as those signed by others to Bright Solusindo.

With the development of the Media Industry, Telecommunication and Multimedia Services and the development of Infrastructure Network in Indonesia today, Bright Solusindo, together with the support gained from its Business Alliance, will continue to develop new products / Services as well as apply the latest technology which is a manifestation of the company’s commitment.

Being the comprehensive and effective “One Stop BRIGHT Solution” with a well known Reputation for Reliability in technologically advanced network solutions, which in turn provides “Value” for Customers, Shareholders, Business Partners and the wider Society of Indonesia.

Providing the Right and Effective Solution for all customers, and Participating actively in growing the utilization of telecommunications technology to the corners of the country.

Gedung Cyber, Lantai 5
Jalan Kuningan barat no. 8, Mampang

Admin Office
Jl. Prof Dr. Latumeten Raya 17-b, Grogol, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Tel : +62 21 29263000
Tel2: +62 21 29263001
Fax : +62 21 5209202

email : info@brightsolusindo.com



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