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Emporindo Mediatama Sejahtera, also known as EMS Computer System Integrator, is a trusted and economical Information Technology Solutions Provider company in building information technology system and network infrastructure. EMS has been established since 1996, with an initial focus in Computer, Software and Networking solutions. With the development of technology in the field of business, education, social media and entertainment, EMS currently specializes as a System Integrator for Business Automation through Internet / Intranet Integration or referred to as E-Commerce Providers.

EMS – System Integrator

EMS is supported by professional management with extensive expertise and experience in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications to help and support business processes in almost all companies to be more effective and efficient. The main objectives achieved by the company through the use of technology and information systems are improving the quality of products and services as well as the speed of business processes.

Provide the best IT solutions and support to customers.

  • Provide ways to build trusted Secure e-Businesses and Internet solutions for our clients and help them to deploy e-business capabilities quickly and affordably for the success of their business.
  • Helping customers who may become an Internet Service Provider / Voice Over Operator / Multinational as well as Multi-Branch Company to develop and deploy new IP-based services quickly.



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